A beautiful CMS for Rails developers

$ gem install spina
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Beautifully simple

We believe a CMS should offer just the right amount of tools to manage your website. Nothing more, nothing less.


Every client is unique. By extending Spina in just the right ways every theme can be tailor made for optimal usability.

Rails 5.0+

We like to keep up with the latest developments of the Rails core team and support Rails 5.0 and up.

Open source

We've open sourced Spina because of the tremendous value we get from various open source projects. This is our way of giving back.


Text editing using the beautifully simple Trix editor.

User friendly

Spina was designed for our clients. Most of them don't sit behind computers all day long like us, so it's essential they comprehend the user interface.

Built with love

We love what we do and hope you will too.
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Future updates


Spina is very much a work in progress. Writing documentation is our number one priority right now.